SO! After six months of going from mediocre to less mediocre I am going to release another EP!

This will be my first foree into trying a full release album on itunes, Amazon, all that jazz. We'll see how it goes along with the release of my second music video.

Also the cover art will be designed by the amazing @taylormefford.

I will post more soon with the track list and cover art, maybe even a teaser for the music video or something IIIIIIIIIII DON'T KNOW.

Have a sweet week!

Zachary Nichols

Believing in Yourself

2015-04-09 16:57:32 by Free2Play

I don't make blog posts very often on this sort (or in general), but I have learned a lot the past few days and I thought I'd share it. 


So a week ago I was told I was being laid off of my job, which made me consider the things I was more passionate about, like music. I have told myself many a time that I'm just not good enough to pursue music, that I didn't go to this school or do this like some other guy did. But some reason now I realized that none of that matters.


Everybody starts from somewhere and it does you no good to not try just because you're afraid to fail. I might not end up making music as a career, and I'm okay with that, because either way I'm gonna give it a shot. In fact I might give it a shot my whole life and still never do it. But if I never try I'll never end up getting any better. You can't be afraid to do what you want and become who you want to be, you just have to do it and keep learning. 


Since I figured that out my music immediately improved because I stopped viewing myself as inadequate with music. I just assume that I can do something, and learn along the way. 


Don't think you can play keys good enough? Just give it a shot. Don't think you can tweak that synth just right? Well it won't do it on its own. And everytime I get a little better and learn from the experience.


I don't know if anyone will read this, but I hope if someone does that it can inspire them a little to just believe in themselves and not worry so much about how good you are. Just do what you love to do, and keep learning.